Chara Ho is an interdisciplinary artist who loves to push creative and storytelling boundaries. She is fascinated in exploring the unknown through the craft of graphic design, photography, and filmmaking. Starting as a classically trained pianist, Chara successfully completed fifteen years of music education and received the Associate Diploma (ARCT) in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music. She has worked at  Universal Music Canada and Maple Leaf Sport & Entertainment, catalyzing her fervent interest in entertainment and culture. With her versatile creative skillset, Chara started freelancing in photography and design with an intrinsic passion for capturing the beauty in the ordinary. She believes that every person in the universe lives a life as complex and vivid as our own. 

Chara is currently a fourth year RTA Media Production student at Ryerson University. She has hosted an online radio show about music curation and has produced and directed numerous student projects thus far, namely the documentary "The Sacred Gardener". In 2018, she was the recipient of 2018 Don Marren Memorial Award and won the FCAD Student Choice Award for her work on the body positivity photography campaign, "Body 365". 

Currently, Chara is the co-director & co-writer of The Space Between, her fourth year thesis project. The project is a transmediated narrative experience consisting of a short film and an immersive installation experience integrated with augmented reality. This hybrid narrative aims to subvert traditional methods of storytelling and explore new modes of experiential media. Simultaneously, Chara works as a graphic design and photography freelancer servicing notable brands such as the Toronto Raptors, Maple Leafs, TFC, Argos, Raptors 905, Real Sports Restaurant, Real Sports Apparel and more.