SENIOR SHORT STORY WINNER: "Even dying stars can briefly outshine an entire galaxy even though they are collapsing from the core." When her best friend unexpectedly commits suicide, Liv struggles with impenetrable sadness as a tiny being in a great big universe, crossing stars with humans, and stories with constellations.  

The Photographer

JUNIOR SHORT STORY WINNER: Del and Finn are war photojournalists who encounter both the best of humanity in a place where it shouldn't even exist.

Sincerely, A New York City Trash Can

JUNIOR POETRY WINNER: A sarcastic and quirky poem on the idiosyncrasies of the world and the words we use to describe it. 

Hollywood's Superhero Syndrome

A newspaper article written about the influx of superhero films in Hollywood and what it means for the movie industry. 

Man From Uncle: A Film Review

A retro revival of the iconic 60s spy hit, check out my review of Guy Richie's hilarious, charming, and stylish tonuge-in-cheek action comedy. 

Discovering Your True North

A feature for my school newspaper on how to discover your passion, pursue your interests, and carving out a successful and happy future for yourself. 

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