live radio show


/ 2 co-hosts from Ryerson's RTA School of Media

/ a weekly live show with curated playlists based on a different theme/feeling

/ interesting discussion topics based on the theme/feeling

audio production


/ a podcast episode on creativity & mental health

/ a featurette on the buskers of Toronto

/ original music compositions

concert performances

/ Music is the first language I learned to speak. Ever since I was five years old, playing the piano has been a huge part of my life.


/ Chara is an ARCT Graduate in Performer's Piano under the Royal Conservatory of Music. 


/ Chara extensively studied and completed music history and theory courses required to receive the ARCT Diploma, the highest academic standing from the Royal Conservatory of Music. In 2013, Chara received a First Class Honours with Distinction Award for Music History Level 3. Through both academic and practical studies of music, Chara learned to perform, compose music, and analyze beautiful pieces dating back to the Renaissance era.

/ Below is a rehearsal for her ARCT exam, complete with a full program. She apologizes for the recording quality, but would like to congratulate her mother on her videography debut.