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Real Sports Apparel Creators Spotlight 

In 2020, Real Sports Apparel launched a content series spotlighting community artists during the pandemic lockdown. It was a chance for artists to get creative and showcase their own style by selecting a product from the RSA store and creating any type of content desired with it, prioritizing creativity over a commercial message.

Chara was selected to create a piece for the Creator’s Spotlight, and created a multimedia digital art piece around a Leafs x Herschel backpack, combining photography, a design collage, and illustration.


Artist Statement

This is a 4-part story about an out-of-place Voyager who must break free from the world it is tethered to, embarking on an interdimensional journey into the unknown, and ultimately discovering where it truly belongs.

This simple yet versatile backpack offers endless possibilities, and for me it was reimagined as a portal/vessel taking US places instead, and leading to new adventures of exploration.

MLSE is a cornerstone to our city’s culture, and it’s an honour to create for an organization that unites sports and entertainment fans from all walks of life with joyful memories that will live forever.

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