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Zesty Nobody

A creative studio dedicated to transforming ideas into compelling visual content and experiences that uplift culture and community. Our company is committed to impactful and innovative storytelling, championing the unique diasporic perspectives and lived experiences of underrepresented voices. Our work challenges the conventional technological boundaries of traditional media, balancing cinematic visual language with experiential and interactive technological formats to tell thought-provoking stories.

Latest Projects


Cadillac Fairview

For the 2022 holiday season, we collaborated with Cadillac Fairview on their ‘Shop The Gift’ campaign, creating photography and stop-motion visuals that featured curated gift guides and outfit trends.



Crane is a short film about a tender reconciliation between a traditionalist father and his runaway daughter navigating reconciliation and grief within the challenges of generational and cultural differences.


Toronto Raptors x Real Sports

A selection of campaigns from seasonal promotions and capsul launches created for the Toronto Raptors and their official store, Real Sports Apparel.

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